Drowners are enemies that come about after guards from towns and cities drop off dead bodies into areas like No Man's


Land. They later come back from the dead in the form of the corpse abandoned.

Drowners can be found in White Orchard usually by the shores.

They are weak against Necrophage Oil & Igni.

Drowners can be dangerous in groups, but they're predictable. These bloated necrophages hang around near water, and can disappear into it in order to pop back up for a surprise attack, so be careful not to get caught out, especially if the battle's taking place over a body of the stuff.

Other than that, drowners employ a leaping attack that'll stun you if you try to block it, so it's always best to sidestep to the left or right, then go for the kill with one or two sword strikes. Like wolves, packs of drowners will keep you on your toes, but as mentioned, you won't be able to block all of their attacks. However, drowners are weak to fire, so whenever you get the chance, cast igni to set them alight, and render them immobile for a short time.