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-Fast TravelEdit

To start off with you cannot just fast travel anytime, anywhere. If you look at your map you will see some green signs on the map in various places. These are the places you can fast travel to. In order to fast travel you will also need to use one of these signs. So basically you run up to a sign, interact with it and then pick your destination and wait for it to load. You will have to run around your first time through though and get all the travel points. The horse does very well on the road if you need to ride to a point.


Boats are a little bit different. While you are in a boat you can just travel to any of the fast travel points you have unlocked for boats. The boat travel points are anchors instead of signs. Once you have an anchor unlocked just use your map and click the anchor to travel to it. Like the sign posts though you are going to have to search for them and they are everywhere.

-Roach The HorseEdit

The horse has four inventory slots, marked Trophy, Saddlebags, Saddle and Horse Blinders. We’ve already covered monster trophies. Saddlebags are inventory extenders – they add more space, but require you to visit the horse in order to use it. Different saddles give different bonuses to the horse and rider – some are suitable for racing, others for combat. Horse blinders are a lot like the saddles – items that give stat bonuses upon equipping, like making the horse more resistant to fear.By buying saddles you can increas Roaches stamina


Sharping Stones

Always keep a check on your sword's condition. The more you use it, the more it's open to damage. However, when its condition is extremely low, an icon will appear on the game's HUD (heads up display), hinting that the weapon needs some attention.

To repair a sword, you will need to visit the blacksmith. There are different kinds of "smiths" around the world and provided the one you approach with your damaged sword has the required skill, he will then restore Geralt's sword back to its devastating self.

You will also come across Sharpening Stones from time to time, usually near a blacksmith's place. To make things easier, they will even appear on the map as soon as you are in the area. The same is the concept with Workbenches requires to repair Geralt's armour. These objects give your weapons a boost, especially before you are gearing up to face a tough opponent.


There are  Runestones which add bonuses to your weapons. Some may represent and enhance one of the various Signs so when you're in combat, you may get an added bonus.

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