Ghouls are encountered on battlefields, as well as in cemeteries and abandoned crypts, they are resistant to common poisons, they are sensitive to Necrophage Oil.


Ghouls and graveirs are hard to describe. In part, they resemble humans - yet on the whole, they are the utter negation of all that is human. Though they have arms and legs like men, they walk on all fours like dogs or badgers. Though they have eerily familiar faces, one searches them in vain for any sign of sentiment, reason or even a spark of consciousness. They are driven by one thing and one thing only: an insatiable craving for human flesh.

Ghouls are the first monsters that you fight in the game, and they generally pose little threat unless you find yourself surrounded by a pack of them. Along with an easily avoidable lunging attack, ghouls tend to bite and swipe at you when they get close. Both aard and igni are good for keeping them at bay, or staggering them so that you can finish them off.

Alghouls, on the other hand, can be tricky opponents - especially if they have help. The main problem when dealing with alghouls is their spines, which will damage you if you strike while they're raised. You can still damage the monster with your blades, but the spikes ensure that your own health will take a knock at the same time. To counteract this, use the axii sign, which will stun your foe. However, don't go in for an attack just yet - wait for the alghoul to come to its senses, and it'll drop the spines. This is your opportunity to finish the beast off.