You encounter a Griffin in White Orchard.


They are weak against Aard, Hybrid Oil and Grapeshot.

Griffins were once only found high in the mountains, where they would hunt marmots and wild goats. When humans encroached on their lands, however, griffins soon discovered a new source of much more plentiful and easier-caught prey: cows, sheep and shepherds. Though still wary of main roads and towns (where folk with the means to higher a witcher are like to dwell), these half-eagle, half-wildcat creatures have gone from rarities to oft-encountered pests known throughout the Northern Realms. Especially hated are the subspecies known as royal griffins and archgriffins.

Griffins themselves are perhaps the most threatening of the lot, as they have a horrible habit of quickly marching towards you when they're on solid ground. When this happens, be sure to dodge roll at a moment's notice, or try using the aard sign, which will temporarily floor the beast, allowing you to either roll to safety or land a few crucial blows.