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Signs or Magic are one of the 4 Skill Trees in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These abilities improve the 5 Signs, which are a type of magic, that Geralt can use through out the game. There are 5 Lines to this Skill Tree. Each Line has 4 skills and each skill has several ranks, leading to a wide variety of possible builds. You will have access to all Tier 1 Skills from the start of the game, but to be able to get put points into the Tier 2 Sign Skills you will need to spend 6 points in this branch. 18 points will unlock the Tier 3 skills and 28 points will unlock the final Tier.


Aard-A directed blast of telekinetic energy that staggers opponents, leaving them open for a subsequent attack.


Igni-A directed fiery blast that damages enemies. Damage scales with Sign intensity.


Yrden-Magic trap that slows enemies who enter its area of effect.

Quen-Protective shield that lasts until it has absorbed damage totaling 5% of maximum Vitality.


Axii-Charms an opponent's mind, temporarily eliminating him from combat.

Witcher 3 >Signs >Extras