They can be found south of Crookback Bog.


Weak against Golden Oriole. Grapeshot, Draconid Oil & Aard.

Wyverns are often mistaken for dragons, and, though they are much smaller than their more famous kin and do not breathe fire, they are likewise extremely dangerous monsters. Especially feared are the so-called royal wyverns who, like their namesake monarchs, are exceptionally ornery and extremely deadly.

These two legged, dragon-like monsters will only pose a real problem if you let them get on top of you. The majority of their attacks can be dodged fairly easily by tapping circle, as they're mostly short range strikes. However, they can take to the skies when they need a break, and then swoop down for some decent damage, so be sure to roll away when either a wyvern or a forktail is heading straight for you.